Machine Shaft Failure Analysis

Reliability Testing Services, a member of the Applied Technical Services family, conducts machine shaft failure analysis for commercial and industrial operations. While shaft failure is far from a daily occurrence, the impact of shaft failure can compromise an operation’s efficiency and pause its production, leading to financial loss and missed deadlines. Fortunately, our highly trained technicians can determine the cause of the failure by assessing the various contributing factors.

Understanding Machine Shaft Failure
Machine shaft failure results from one or more of the following four failure mechanisms, corrosion, fatigue, overload, or wear. Failure from corrosion and wear are rare occurrences that often leave physical evidence of their presence. However, overload and fatigue occur more frequently and require more extensive investigations into their causes.
Overload Failure
Overload failure occurs when applied stress exceeds a material’s yield or tensile strength. The symptoms associated with overload failure will vary depending on the material’s brittleness or ductility.

Fatigue Failure

Fatigue Failure occurs when cyclical stresses act on the material, causing crack propagation at ever-increasing speeds. The crack’s origin and growth will reveal details about the source of the failure.

Several other factors can contribute to shaft failure, including:
Machine Shaft Failure Analysis

Machine shaft failure analysis is an investigative tool used to evaluate the potential causes of shaft failure. The process can be challenging, but a thorough assessment of the loads and stresses acting on a shaft often reveal the root cause of failure. During our analysis, we carefully evaluate the following factors:

Numerous industries benefit from machine shaft failure analysis, and our services extend to the following types of shafts:
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