Two hands hold a motor bearing during electric motor testing.

Electric Motor Testing

The ATS Family of Companies uses electric motor testing (EMT) for predictive maintenance and failure analysis. Regular inspections of electric motors allow clients to plan the repairs needed to run efficiently. Clients can decide on the quality of replacements that meet their budgets. A well-maintained electric motor reduces the risk of a fire caused by overheating. When an electric motor fails or operates at a suboptimal level, equipment can become less effective, overheat, and lead to catastrophic failure. Additionally, efficient electric motors promote energy conservation, saving money and resources.

Electric Motor Testing Services
The ATS Family of Companies provides EMT inspections to monitor the electric health of motors. Electric motor testing helps identify material defects, mechanical damage, and failure modes, such as:
Our technicians examine the conditions of critical components in electric motors: power circuits, stator health, rotor health, eccentricity, power quality, and winding insulation. We use energized EMT tests to take performance measurements, such as power quality, current, voltage, and mechanical issues. De-energized EMT tests identify motor and motor circuit issues and determine failure modes indicated while the machine is offline. We use powerful equipment for testing and validating our readings.

Our inspectors can compile their findings in a comprehensive report that describes:

The ATS Family of Companies promotes safe practices that comply with industry standards, such as NFPA 70E. In large facilities with multiple electric motors, our trained EMT consultants can provide full-time support alongside your PdM program.
Other EMT Services


We can help you maximize the life of electric motors through an EMT program of regular inspections, cleaning, and predictive maintenance work. Our program services include:

Training Courses

We offer EMT training courses that teach attendees how to identify and diagnose the common faults behind motor failure. Led by qualified and experienced teachers, EMT courses provide trainees with hands-on experience with the mechanical, electrical, and circuit problems uncovered during inspections. Our training courses cover the basics of electric motors and circuits, static and dynamic eccentricity, electrical and current signature analysis, and measuring frequencies.

The ATS Family of Companies Approach

The ATS Family of Companies supports industries and businesses through close inspections, rigorous testing, engineering consulting, calibrations, and training courses. We reach clients coast to coast for convenient lab testing and in-person services. The ATS headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, employs a team of engineers and technicians who run a battery of mechanical, material, chemical, and nondestructive tests.

We strive to provide high-quality customer service that empowers clients to make critical business decisions. To reach this goal, we promote our employees’ continuing education for proficient use of equipment and accurate data analysis. We invest in innovative technologies and the latest standards to ensure top-notch results.

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