Thermal Imaging Inspection

Reliability Testing Services, an ATS company, provides thermal imaging inspection services that thoroughly survey the interiors and exteriors of commercial and industrial sites.
What is Thermal Imaging?
Thermal imaging cameras observe the surface temperatures of objects before transferring the thermal radiation into images and patterns, allowing experts to evaluate an object’s heat signature. Thermal imaging technology can differentiate minor variations in thermal radiation, accelerating the inspection process and improving its accuracy and efficiency.
Thermal Imaging Inspection Services
Our professional engineers use thermal imaging inspection services to document the conditions of thermal and electrical assets. We survey the interior and exterior of industrial and commercial locations to identify any areas of concern before providing clients with potential solutions. Thermal imaging inspection offers several advantages, including the following:
The Importance of Thermal Imaging in Facility & Property Management
Commercial and industrial facilities often operate on rigid schedules, so they must always run efficiently, even during maintenance and repairs. Thermal imaging technology allows operations to continue uninterrupted as technicians survey the property for issues. Thermal imaging helps assist with analysis involving:
Once detected, technicians work closely with clients to develop ways to resolve any pending issues, improving the operation’s efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs in the process.
Our Commitment to Quality
Applied Technical Services provides professional inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to businesses in various industries. As an ISO 9001-certified quality management system, we remain committed to fostering positive experiences for our staff by providing the following:

Our family of companies adopts our commitment to customer service and utilizes our state-of-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive and professional services that adhere to common industry standards and regulations. Please consider ATS for your thermal imaging needs and submit an online request form today!

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