Fan Vibration Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) offers fan vibration testing services that help identify imbalances and other potential issues within industrial fan systems. Much like other types of industrial equipment, industrial fans require regular maintenance, and vibrational analysis is an effective way to keep a close eye on a fan’s health.

What is Fan Vibrational Analysis?
Fan vibrational analysis, or vibration testing, is the process of using an accelerometer to measure the vibrations in the axial, horizontal, and vertical directions as the fan operates at normal speed. During the analysis, our technicians attach an accelerometer to the fan, allowing them to gather data on the vibration’s source and severity.
Our Fan Vibration Analysis Services
Our predictive maintenance experts develop proactive approaches to ensure our clients’ operations remain on schedule, avoiding unnecessary downtime. Our fan vibration analysis services provide important information on the following:
Why is Fan Vibration Testing Important?
Vibration testing is important when evaluating the health of a fan as it helps technicians identify and resolve issues that can worsen over time. Fan vibration testing is a valuable predictive maintenance tool that prevents the costly consequences that accompany severe fan imbalance. The failure to conduct vibration analysis on industrial fans may result in the following issues:
The ATS Family of Companies
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