Compressed Air Leak Detection Survey

Reliability Testing Services, an ATS company, offers compressed air leak detection survey services that locate compressed air leaks for further repair. Compressed air is an expensive utility in manufacturing facilities, and inefficient compressed air systems amplify that cost, but our services help to minimize the money and energy wasted by industrial operations.

Understanding the Importance of Compressed Air Leak Detection
The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that poorly maintained industrial plants may waste up to 20 percent of their compressed air production through undetected or unrepaired leaks. Failure to conduct regular compressed air leak detection surveys may limit an operation’s efficiency, increase energy-related expenses, and compromise equipment’s efficiency and service life. Our compressed air leak detection surveys help businesses locate air compression systems that need repair and avoid the unnecessary expenses derived from unintentional leaks.
Where and Why do Compressed Air Leaks Occur?
Although leakage can occur in any part of the compressed air system, leaks often occur in the following areas of concern:
There are several potential causes of compressed air leaks, including:
Ultrasonic Leak Detection
Compressed air leaks can be discrete and subtle and often go unnoticed in loud and busy environments associated with industrial settings. While these leaks may escape the human eye and ear, ultrasonic acoustic detectors can locate the leaks using audio amplifiers, filters, and directional microphones. These instruments are highly advanced and adept at detecting the hissing sound and white noise associated with leakage. Ultrasonic leak detection offers several advantages, including:
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