Industrial Fan Balancing

The ATS family of companies offers industrial fan balancing services that improve the safety and performance of industrial fans. Our technicians evaluate fans to determine if they’re unbalanced before performing the procedures necessary to balance the fan. Our services help prevent further damage and extend the service life of industrial fans, improving the efficiency of our client’s operations.

The Importance of Industrial Fan Balancing

Industrial fans provide essential services that ensure the safety of personnel in industrial settings. Factories and other industrial facilities are often large and complex to cool, which can lead to stale and stagnant air that can affect the health of customers and employees. These fans offer a much-needed solution to this issue, as they are manufactured specifically for large spaces. Unfortunately, industrial fans can collect dust and become unbalanced, limiting the fan’s efficiency, raising operational costs, and resulting in premature failure. Fan balancing helps to correct any issues that may be applying unnecessary stress to the mechanical components of the fan, allowing the fan to operate at a higher efficiency. 

What is a Fan Rotor Imbalance, and How Does it Occur?

A fan rotor imbalance occurs when the axis of the center of gravity differs from the fan rotor’s axis of rotation. Fan rotor imbalances lead to increased vibrations during the fan’s operation, increasing loads on the bearings, fan housing, and motor shaft. 

Several factors can contribute to unbalancing, including the following:
About Our Predictive Maintenance Services
Unlike traditional maintenance, our predictive maintenance services offer a personalized approach to repair and upkeep. We rely on a product’s history and real-time data to determine when and where problems will occur, allowing us to address issues before they worsen. We offer several predictive maintenance services, including the following:
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