Ultrasound Leak Detection

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) performs ultrasound leak detection surveys that identify the origin of leaks in industrial environments. Gas and compressed air systems can develop leaks that comprise the system’s efficiency. While these leaks may go unnoticed by human ears, our ultrasonic technology can easily detect the source of leaks, allowing our technicians to identify and resolve the issue.

What is an Ultrasonic Leak Detector?
An ultrasonic leak detector is a tool that uses a sensitive microphone to detect the high frequency sounds associated with leaks. Ultrasonic leak detectors offer a nondestructive way to conduct preventive maintenance or investigations that confirm the presence of suspected leaks. These devices are especially effective in environments that contain multiple pressurized vessels because their sensitivity allows technicians to quickly isolate sounds that may be stemming from compromised equipment.
About Our Ultrasound Leak Detection Surveys
Our highly trained experts use advanced ultrasonic leak detection technology to conduct detailed airborne leak detection surveys that help our clients avoid the consequences of unresolved leaks. Ultrasonic leak detection surveys serve as a functional alternative to infrared thermography leak inspections in situations where it may prove to be too difficult or unsafe to make direct contact with equipment. Our services are very versatile and able to help clients detect leaks in a variety of systems, including the following:
We work diligently to ensure that all our clients’ concerns are met with care, allowing them to restore faith in their equipment and minimize any unnecessary downtime.
Why is it Important to conduct Ultrasonic Leak Detection Surveys?
Ultrasonic leak detection surveys are an effective form of preventative maintenance that give businesses an opportunity to avoid the costly consequences that come with leaking pressurized systems. Although leaks may undetected, their presence can pose serious harm to a business’s bottom line and personnel, such as:
Our Commitment to Quality Service
The ATS FoC is committed to maintaining a professional atmosphere and high-quality standard, ensuring our clients’ needs are treated with care and urgency. We keep an open line of communication with our clients, ensuring that our services meet their specific needs while also remaining compliant with industry standards. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 to learn more about our ultrasound leak detection.

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