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Applied Technical Services conducts a thorough gas leak survey of natural gas systems for industrial and commercial clients. Natural gas is a popular fuel source for businesses, homes, and industries nationwide due to its environmentally friendly reputation, dependability, and affordability. However, gas leaks do occur and can pose risks for natural gas users, emphasizing the importance of gas leak survey services.
Why do Gas Leaks Occur, and What are Their Warning Signs?
Gas line leaks occur when natural gas seeps out of a pipe system into surrounding areas. These leaks worsen overtime as pipes age and begin to bend, break, and warp. Unfortunately, gas leaks can often go unnoticed for extended periods of time, increasing the risks they pose to nearby people, structures, and environments. Several warning signs accompany gas leaks, including the following:
What is a Gas Leak Survey, and Why is it Important?
A gas leak survey is a comprehensive inspection of a gas distribution system where technicians analyze sites for symptoms associated with gas leaks. Surveys ensure that industrial businesses and buildings comply with guidelines and regulations.
Infrared Gas Leak Detection
Thermal cameras convert heat signatures into images, allowing technicians to scan environments and identify the presence of a gas leak. Infrared leak detection is ideal for technicians surveying sites with piping systems in hard-to-reach places because modern thermal cameras are proficient at detecting small leaks at a distance.

Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection

While gas leaks may go unheard by human ears, ultrasonic detection instruments are adept at registering the subtle sounds of leaks. These devices have microphones that are sensitive to sound, allowing technicians to quickly locate the source of a leak.
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