ODS Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) performs ODS testing as an extension of phase analysis to evaluate vibrations in equipment.

What is ODS Testing?
Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) testing, also referred to as ODS analysis, is a technique that provides insight into vibration and noise issues within a machine or structure. During ODS testing, technicians use advanced imaging technology to animate the test structure’s vibration patterns. The visualization of the vibration pattern allows technicians to examine the issues that occur within the machine while it’s running.
More About Our ODS Testing Services

Our ODS testing services analyze unwanted vibrations occurring in rotating equipment and structures. Our technicians collect phase and magnitude data during the equipment’s operation, allowing us to produce an animated model of the equipment. ODS testing is an effective alternative to conventional vibration analysis methods because of its unique ability to uncover hydraulic and mechanical issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. Our ODS tests help our clients identify the following:

The Importance of ODS Testing
ODS testing is a very effective tool for engineers evaluating the status of various operating systems and machines. Various industries rely on ODS analysis and its ability to do the following:
About the ATS FoC
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies consists of an expansive network of companies that offer high-quality industrial testing, inspection, consulting engineering, and calibration services. Our services help companies across the continental United States evaluate their products in detail, ensuring their quality and compliance with industry standards. Our ISO/IEC 17025 labs feature cutting-edge technologies that allow us to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of industrial businesses. Please submit a web request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 for additional information about our ODS testing.

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