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The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) provides High Reliability organization training services that help businesses and employees improve their safety practices. Many of our clients are High Reliability Organizations, and our experience serving various industries has made our training staff adept at recognizing the measures necessary to ensure that a wide range of commercial environments are safe.

What is a High Reliability Organization?
A High Reliability Organization or HRO, is an organization that operates and excels in complicated environments where hazards and risks are commonplace. HROs avoid accidents and catastrophic events for prolonged periods, despite the inherent risks associated with their domain. While the term HRO is used across various industries, the concept is especially embraced in aerospace, healthcare, nuclear, and military operations.
What is HRO Training?
HRO training is designed to help businesses prioritize effective safety measures, helping them to minimize risks and errors across the workplace. HRO training centers around the idea of “collective mindfulness,” a concept where all a business’ employees commit to identifying and reporting potential hazards across the workplace. The purpose of the training is to improve staff awareness of safety measures and improve the response and decision-making when issues arise.
Our HRO Training Services
Our High Reliability Organization training services help businesses improve their efficiency by training their employees on the importance of the principles underlined in the HRO curriculum. Those who participate in our training will gain an improved understanding of safety measures, helping them do the following:
Our Commitment to Quality
Since our founding in 1967, we’ve been committed to helping our clients improve their services, products, and practices. We understand that safety and quality go hand in hand, so each of our departments complies with strict regulations that ensure that operations are safe for our staff while yielding safe results for our clients. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 or complete an online request for more information regarding our HRO training services.

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