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Reliability Testing Services, an Applied Technical Services company, provides professional compressed air leak survey services. Compressed air and gas leakage occurs when gas unintentionally seeps into the atmosphere through a compromised compressed air system. While these leaks may go unnoticed by the human eye, their impact is evident in the rising energy consumption and costs associated with leaks. Our services help improve the efficiency of air compression systems and reduce the expenses related to undetected leaks.

The Importance of Compressed Air Leak Detection

Air leaks are common in industrial settings, yet they often go unnoticed on crowded and noisy industrial floors. While the subtle sounds of an air leak may go unnoticed by humans, ultrasonic acoustic detectors can locate the source of the leak. These sensitive instruments allow businesses to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue without halting daily operations. Failure to seal air leaks could result in an inefficient compressed air system responsible for unnecessary energy expenses upwards of several thousand dollars annually. Several factors contribute to compressed air leakage, including:

How Compressed Air Leak Survey Services Benefit Businesses
Compressed air systems often account for about a third of a factory’s energy consumption. However, a portion of that percentage goes to waste as the air compression system suffers from undetected leaks. Our highly trained technicians use ultrasonic leak detectors to survey a building and locate leaks, highlighting their need for immediate repair. We recommend that building operators monitor these areas carefully, as leaks often reoccur in the same places. The elimination of leaks can help improve an operation in multiple ways, including:
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