ASTM F1980 Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies performs ASTM F1980 Testing to assist clients in the verification of medical device packaging compliance with industry standards.
ASTM F1980 Testing Standard
ASTM F1980 is a testing standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials for conducting accelerated aging tests on sterile barrier systems for medical devices. This standard is one of the most effective methods for predicting the shelf life of medical device packaging, simulating long-term storage conditions in a shorter time frame through accelerated age testing. ATS’ packaging testing experts test to ASTM F1980 to accurately estimate the effects of aging on sterile barrier systems, ensuring that packaging maintains its integrity, sterility, and protective properties over time. ASTM F1980 accelerated aging testing exposes medical device packaging to elevated temperature and humidity conditions to simulate the effects of real-time aging. The main principle behind this test method is based on the Arrhenius equation, which relates the rate of chemical reactions to temperature to monitor material degradation. Increasing temperatures accelerate the aging process to allow our testing experts to predict the long-term performance of the packaging over a comparatively short period of time.
ASTM F1980 testing begins with technicians defining aging conditions such as temperature and relative humidity levels. Temperatures between 50°C and 60°C and relative humidity levels between 50% and 75% are typically selected for this test to accurately simulate storage conditions. The test duration is determined by using the Arrhenius equation to calculate the equivalent real-time aging period based on the accelerated conditions. During the aging process, the packaging and its contents are periodically inspected and tested to assess their condition. Sterile barrier integrity, seal strength, and physical and chemical stability of the packaging materials are closely monitored throughout the test. All steps of the process are thoroughly documented and provided to clients.
Additional ASTM Testing Services
ATS serves clients working in various industries and disciplines by conducting ASTM testing to a wide range of standards, including but not limited to:
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