A welder uses a torch to weld a flat plate in a 1G weld test. A second welder watches the torch with interest. The welders wear orange and black helmets and thick gloves to protect them.

1G Weld Test

ATS offers multiple facilities for a 1G weld test and other weld qualification needs. A weld test is an opportunity for a welder to prove their capabilities in front of a qualified supervisor and earn certification. A certified weld inspector (CWI) from ATS can observe the welding processes and evaluate the results.

A weld test demonstrates that a welder can:

The 1G Weld Position
A weld test in 1G position simulates one circumstance a welder may encounter on the job. The term 1G refers to the position of the welded materials or weld axis, which lay flat on a welding surface during the test. The welder must arrange their body and equipment in such a way as to lay an effective weld in the groove between the two separate parts, such as plate or pipe coupons.

A welder’s equipment and materials depend on the selected welding procedure. The most common welding processes include:

Certified Weld Inspectors

Under AWS requirements, a CWI is responsible for standard compliance with material, documentation, and safe practices. Our certified weld experts have years of experience in welding and metallurgy and are adept at using the mechanical and material testing equipment in ATS labs.

A weld test is a critical step forward in a welder’s career and a business’s hiring process. A manufacturer may ask a third-party, such as ATS, for a CWI to observe a 1G weld qualification test and certify whether a potential employee is qualified to perform their prospective duties. An unqualified welder can produce undesirable welds and pose a safety hazard to their coworkers and end users.
Weld Evaluations

We offer weld evaluations performed by CWIs to determine if a weld:

ATS operates facilities that test welds through destructive and nondestructive testing. Our testing facility has welding booths ideal for observations by a CWI. These booths will have the proper materials and lighting for effective welding and supervision.

If the weld must remain intact, a CWI can employ nondestructive testing techniques:

If the inspector needs to determine how the weld holds up to heavy forces and stresses, ATS labs are capable of destructive testing methods:

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ATS is the center of a growing Family of Companies with locations nationwide. We employ field experts with the experience and education to deliver accurate testing and close inspections on-site or in our labs. Our headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, is home to multiple labs accredited by A2LA to perform:
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