Fillet weld cross section

Fillet Weld Fracture Testing

Fillet welds are the most common welding joints but are also among the most difficult to produce consistently. One method for evaluating fillet weld quality is the fillet weld fracture test. Welder certification testing uses this destructive method to test a welder’s fillet welding ability. ATS tests all aspects of weld performance qualifications, including fillet weld fracture testing.
The fillet weld fracture test, or fillet weld break test, determines fillet weld soundness. This mechanical testing process examines the entire sample for root penetration. An arbor press, testing machine, or hammer places tension on the unwelded side of the sample. When the sample breaks or bends flat upon itself, an expert examines the weld for discontinuities or defects. The fracture test can reveal various embedded imperfections, including cracking, incomplete penetration, lack of fusion, porosity, and slag inclusions. This method often accompanies a macro etch test for more exhaustive detail about the weld quality.
ATS Weld Testing Capabilities
Applied Technical Services specializes in weld testing, inspections, and certification. Our team includes certified welders and weld inspectors, as well as Professional Engineers, metallurgists, API inspectors, and licensed technicians. We can thoroughly inspect both pipe and plate coupons. In addition to the fillet weld break test, we offer several types of mechanical weld testing, such as:
Not only do we use these tests to aid in procedure and performance qualifications, but also research and development applications. Our experts can perform weld tests to a variety of applicable standards, including AWS, API, ASME, MIL-STD, NAVSEA, and PED/EN. We use our weld testing expertise to benefit many industries, such as:
Applied Technical Services can help with any of your weld testing needs.
ATS: Reliable Testing
Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has provided reliable testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services. We maintain extensive certifications and accreditations relevant to the industries we serve, and we practice excellence in our work with our ISO 9001 registered quality management program. ATS cultivates a high-quality customer experience through the following policies:
ATS is a dependable testing provider. If you need a fillet weld fracture test, contact ATS today. We take a closer look.

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