Weld under evaluation for welder certification

Welder Certification Testing

Applied Technical Services offers welder certification testing for clients who need their welders to perform to certain standards. We offer certification testing for a variety of applications and codes such as API, AWS, AMS, ASME, and PED/EN. Our mechanical and nondestructive weld inspection methods allow us to evaluate all aspects of a welder’s performance and gain a thorough understanding of their competency level.
Our Testing Capabilities
ATS employs certified weld inspectors (CWIs) to evaluate welders during certification testing. Our testing facility offers well-lit booths with sufficient equipment to complete the test comfortably. We keep an in-house stock of the test coupons required for certification, which we can provide to welders at a reasonable cost. Our test inspectors watch for proper technique and setup according to the requested standard or code. We have a variety of mechanical and destructive weld inspection methods available for assessing weld quality, such as:
Our weld testing technology allows us to assess welds for surface and subsurface flaws such as cracks, porosity, lack of fusion, and other defects.
Types of Certifications and Qualifications Offered
We conduct certification testing for numerous weld types, such as groove and fillet welds, and can evaluate vertical, overhead, and horizontal plate or pipe positions. We can check roots with backing bars or open root welds. Our experts offer testing for several welding processes, such as:
Our testing facility offers welder certification and qualification services for a wide array of industries, including:
Trust ATS Inspectors
Applied Technical Services specializes in weld testing and inspections. Our experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide excellence in every service. We work with clients to determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to their needs. Our experts report clear, detailed findings within a short turnaround, remaining available to clients who have additional questions about testing and data.
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