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Weld Procedure Qualifications

Applied Technical Services offers weld procedure qualifications to perform welding operations in verified procedures successfully. This qualification is a guide to welding testing and provides a report of all the variables used during the welding procedure. The welder can use the weld procedure qualification for further instructions to appropriately approve produced welds. The welding procedure qualification elaborates on existing welding codes and standards. ATS can conduct tests in accordance with AWS, ASME, API, PED/EN, and AMS standards. 

Weld Procedure Types

Welding procedures are broken down into two categories: the procedure qualification record (PQR) and the welding procedure specification (WPS). The procedure qualification record directly documents all the values used for inspections and testing from the results. The welding procedure specification provides instructions that welders can find helpful for welding operations. A welding test usually requires having all these documents approved to proceed with the procedure. The documentation includes the process used, size, material type, and thickness. The report should document all applicable data, including the details of the inspection and test results. The record must show that these inspections and tests have met the standards required. 

Before welding, the inspectors must be confident they are qualified to perform a task under the WPQ. The checklist usually includes the welder’s name and stamp number, the weld process and type, the ID of WPS used for the test coupon, and the thickness of the base. 

Standard processes assessed during welding certifications:
Standard processes assessed during welding certifications:
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