WPS Qualified Welding Procedure

Applied Technical Services offers WPS welder qualifications to perform welding on materials. A welding procedure specification (WPS) is a guide for the creation of a welding method that ensures all codes and requirements are met. In simpler terms, a WPS is a recipe for welders, giving instructions on the necessary steps and what tools are needed to succeed. The information includes base metal grade, filler metal classification, amperage range, shielding gas composition, and pre-heat and interpass temperatures. Our weld testing experts can determine if a welder is WPS certified. 

Steps to creating a WPS:

Our weld testing facility is well equipped for any certification tests that may be needed. Our certified welding inspectors (CWIs) double-check setups and techniques according to various standards. To qualify a WPS, a qualification plate is welded with code requirements. The actual test parameters are recorded during the welding process to ensure that the WPS is being followed. Details such as material, electrode, and shielding gas specifications should be included in the WPS record. The WPS record should include the process, consumables, the direction of welding, type of weld, WPS number, thickness, and the scope of qualification. 

Our welding experts use numerous methods to evaluate welding:
Standard processes assessed during welding certifications:
We also offer other mechanical testing proceedurees:
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