Welding testing on a circular weld

Weld Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services maintains a dedicated welding testing lab. We offer several weld testing and inspection services, from welder qualification to routine quality checks. ATS employs certified welding inspectors (CWIs) who have certifications through the American Welding Society (AWS). These experts provide high-quality services that comply with accredited and certified quality assurance programs. Our experience with testing to AWS, API, ASME, MIL-STD, AND NAVSEA standards allows us to deliver the best possible weld testing services to our clients.
Our Testing Capabilities
ATS tests pipe and plate coupons, manufactured components, valves, and other weld configurations using a variety of weld testing methods. We routinely perform lab services for numerous industries, including automotive, petrochemical, aircraft, nuclear, maritime, construction, offshore drilling, and general manufacturing. Our diverse capabilities allow us to assist our clients with all their welding testing needs.
Mechanical Weld Testing
Our mechanical testing services help clients with weld procedure qualification, welder certification, and other applications. We offer a wide array of mechanical weld tests, including:
Nondestructive Weld Testing
Our NDT weld testing services can examine welds for surface and subsurface flaws and features. Our nondestructive testing capabilities include:
Additional Testing Services
ATS can perform more than just the basic weld testing procedures: as a consulting engineering firm, we offer several additional forms of testing, such as:
About ATS
Applied Technical Services has provided testing and inspection services to industrial and commercial clients for more than fifty years. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service; ATS maintains several customer service policies to ensure that clients have the best experience possible. Our testing experts help customers find effective solutions to their problems, prioritizing the clients’ needs. We deliver accurate, detailed reporting within a short time frame. Clients may contact an expert at any point with additional questions regarding testing or data.
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