Weld Joint Testing

Welded joint after testing
Weld Testing Services
Applied Technical Services specializes in weld joint testing, with decades of experience. We evaluate pipe and plate coupons in compliance with a wide range of standards, including AWS, API, ASME, MIL-STD, NAVSEA, APS, and PED/EN. We use an array of skills to satisfy our clients’ specific needs, from quality control and failure prevention to performance qualifications for particular codes and standards.
Destructive Weld Testing
ATS offers many different types of destructive weld testing for the qualification and certification of weld testing coupons. Our coupon testing services help clients pre-screen new hires for skills that apply to their industries’ standards. We provide proof and documentation attesting to a welder’s competency level. Some of the tests we conduct include:
  • Tensile Testing: tests tensile ductility and strength by pulling the sample to failure
  • Load Testing: tests weld strength by applying the maximum required load to the sample
  • Lap Shear: tests shear strength by applying the maximum required load to the sample
  • Bend Testing: tests weld ductility by bending the sample up to 180 degrees; affected by the relative strength of the weld metal and base material
  • Hardness Testing: tests the strength of the weld, HAZ, and base using an indenter
  • Impact Testing: measures the energy that the sample absorbs when struck
  • Charpy Impact Toughness Testing: tests ductility and toughness by notching and impact loading the sample using a controlled weight pendulum
  • Drop Weight Toughness Testing: tests ductility by notching and impact loading the sample
Nondestructive Weld Testing
ATS performs NDT weld inspections to identify surface and subsurface flaws without compromising the integrity of the weld. We evaluate structural quality through:
Additional Testing Services
ATS also offers the following weld inspection services:
  • Weld Failure Analysis: determines the cause of weld failures
  • Environmental Testing: accelerated corrosion and weathering testing
  • Ferrite Testing: measures the balance between toughness, ductility, crack prevention, and corrosion resistance
  • Macro Etching: evaluates the grain structure of the weld and base material from a cross-section
  • Chemical Analysis: assesses composition and identifies alloys
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