WPS Welder Qualifications

Applied Technical Services tests WPS welder qualifications for clients needing welders capable of abiding by specific standards.

What is a WPS?

A WPS or Welding Procedure Specification is a document that details the production standards and requirements for the welding process. The document serves as a guideline for welders and includes specific details designed to produce welds with the desired mechanical. A WPS contains information on the following.

General Information 


Provide information on the welding joint and include sketches or images to simplify the process for the reader.

Base and Filler Metals

Provide information on the base and filler metals, including the metal’s thickness and the type of weld.

Additional Information

Include information regarding the pre- and post-weld treatment processes, including the details about the gas and the welding positions.

Electrical Characteristics

Include information about each weld pass.


Procedure Qualifications Records

Procedure Qualification Records document the procedures and parameters followed during the welding process. A PQR serves as a checklist for contractors, inspectors, and manufacturers, allowing them to ensure that welders follow the procedures as written.

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