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weld engineer companies
Welding Procedure Specification Services

Applied Technical Services is a leader among weld engineering companies and our welding engineers have the experience and knowledge to write customized Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) that are compliant with current codes and standards. We are familiar with unique standards that apply to specific industries that require common or specialized processes. We have built an excellent reputation with the construction, infrastructure, automotive, nuclear, aviation, military, power generation, medical, and maritime industries.

Welding Engineering Consulting Services

ATS can offer pre-production, production, and post production weld consulting services. We can be involved in one or all three stages of production. Our customer service oriented experts have become industry leaders by demonstrating education, experience and knowledge in a wide variety of welding codes with attention to detail.

Pre-production Services Include:
  • Provide professional insight and recommendations concerning applicable codes and standards
  • Identify the most effective weld process for producing sound weldments
  • Pre-production considerations and recommendations as it applies to joint types, appropriate base and filler metal combinations, welding positions, pre-heat requirements, shielding gases, electrical characteristics and other variables that may be unique to industry and environment
  • Develop WPS, provide information on required test coupons for qualification
Production Services Include:
  • Ensure proper execution of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)
  • Direct and observe weld procedure coupon production
  • Monitor product quality as it relates to adherence to established process parameters
  • Ensure proper weld safety procedures are being observed
Post-production Services Include:
  • Verification of Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR)
  • Certified Weld Inspector services (CWI)
  • Special Inspections (Visual, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Chemical and NDT)
  • Quality assurance as it relates to final product
  • Ensure final product is code- and standard-compliant

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