Visual Weld Inspections

Applied Technical Services conducts visual weld inspections that evaluate the quality of welded materials. Welding is a popular process amongst manufacturers in various industries, and our experienced certified welding inspectors assess the quality of welds to observe their quality and minimize risk.  

Why are Visual Weld Inspections Important?
Visual inspections are critical to the quality of welds and can often reduce construction costs and minimize costly mistakes in the welding process. Qualified inspectors conduct visual inspections throughout each phase of the welding process to thoroughly examine workmanship, ensuring the quality of the work is code compliant.
Applied Technical Services’ Pipe Weld Bend Testing Services

Pre-Welding Inspections

Pre-weld inspections allow welders to observe the preparation process of the welding joint and other materials. This step enables welders to inspect the following:

Pre-Welding Inspections

During welding, visual inspections are especially important as welders observe the following.

Pre-Welding Inspections

There are several advantages to visual inspections, including:

Applied Technical Services’ Weld Testing and Analysis Services

We provide numerous other weld tests, analysis, and inspection services in addition to our visual weld inspections. We employ certified welding inspectors capable of conducting services compliant with popular industry standards, including AWS, ASME, API, MIL-STD, and NAVSEA. Our certified welding inspectors evaluate welds using various mechanical and nondestructive testing methods, including: 

Our certified weld inspectors have access to state-of-the-art technology that aids in analyzing welds. We test various manufactured components, pipe and plate coupons, valves, and additional weld configurations. Our services are prompt and professional, and our diverse area of expertise allows us to investigate a weld’s quality and functionality using various approaches. We keep an open line of communication with clients throughout the service process to ensure that our approach is solution-oriented and transparent. Please call us today for additional details regarding our visual weld inspections and weld testing services. 

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