Weld Tensile Testing

Applied Technical Services performs weld tensile testing services for a variety of applications. Our AWS certified welding inspectors assist clients with anything from welder certification to procedure specification development. We use several types of mechanical testing methods, such as weld tensile testing, to assess different aspects of our clients’ materials. We specialize in testing to a wide range of standards, including AWS, API, NAVSEA, ASME, MIL-DTL, and PED/EN.

Tensile Testing
Tensile testing is one of the most common, fundamental types of mechanical testing. This test provides valuable information on the relationship between the weld and base material. Significantly over or undermatching the weld material to the base material can cause weld integrity problems. Tensile testing assesses material quality and determines whether the sample fulfills the desired results.
Technicians can perform tensile testing on transversely cut, longitudinally cut, square, or round samples. They grip the sample in a specifically calibrated tension testing machine, which pulls the sample to failure. During this process, measuring equipment records force and elongation, expressed as stress and strain. Technicians plot the data on a stress-strain curve, which quantifies several properties of the material, such as yield strength, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, and maximum load. Tensile testing also yields a sample’s total elongation, elastic deformation, extension under load, reduction of area, and strain hardening.
Clients seek out tensile testing for many different reasons. Some of the applications for tensile testing include:
The cost of failure and damage from using substandard materials often exceeds the cost of tensile testing. Our weld testing capabilities help clients meet designated standards and attain high-quality performance.
Our High-Quality Services

Applied Technical Services has dedicated over 50 years to providing high-quality testing and inspection services. We offer mechanical, nondestructive, and metallurgical weld assessments to assist clients with all their weld testing needs. Our testing methods include:

We perform each test to several standards, depending on our clients’ specific needs. Our experts report clear, accurate, detailed data in a short time frame. Our customer service team always connects clients with the most relevant expert available expert who can help resolve their inquiries.
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