Cracking revealed during weld testing

Weld Break Testing

Applied Technical Services offers weld break testing as one of our many weld testing services. Break testing is a destructive testing method for assessing weld quality. We conduct break tests for several applications, such as welder qualification and weld procedure qualification. Our inspectors provide thorough, accurate assessments of weld quality for all our weld testing services.
Break Testing Methods
ATS offers multiple forms of break testing, including fillet weld and nick break tests. The fillet weld break test examines one-sided fillet weld joints for flaws and discontinuities. This form of break testing examines the entire weld, as opposed to a sample cut. A technician places a load on the unwelded side of the specimen using a testing machine, arbor press, or hammer. When the coupon either breaks or bends flat upon itself, the inspector examines the fillet weld for cracking or incomplete fusion. This test can also identify porosity, slag inclusions, and incomplete penetration.
Nick break testing evaluates samples cut from the weld coupon. Technicians machine notches or grooves into the samples to concentrate stress along the centerline of the weld during the breaking process. The nick break test allows inspectors to examine the weld for fusion, porosity, penetration, and slag inclusions.
ATS conducts break tests to assist clients with numerous applications, from research and development to welder qualification. Whatever the need, ATS delivers clear, accurate results.
Our Weld Testing Expertise
Applied Technical Services offers a wide array of weld testing, inspection, and certification services. Our certified weld inspectors, certified welders, API inspectors, professional engineers, metallurgists, chemists, and certified technicians offer numerous mechanical, nondestructive, and chemical tests. We regularly inspect pipes, pressure vessels, sample coupons, bridges, and other structures and components. ATS also provides welder certification testing, using mechanical tests to prove a welder’s competency level. Our mechanical testing capabilities include:
We also perform several forms of nondestructive testing (NDT). NDT allows us to identify a specimen’s surface and subsurface flaws. Our NDT capabilities include:
Our Dedication to Customer Service
Applied Technical Services has provided industrial testing, inspections, and consulting engineering services for over 50 years. We have spent decades building a reputation of excellence in customer service by connecting clients directly to attentive experts who can provide solutions to clients’ individual needs. We deliver clear, accurate data, and our experts are available throughout the testing process to answer any questions clients may have.
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