A welder performs 3g MIG welding for a certification test.

3G MIG Welding Test

ATS provides the essential welding equipment and work environment for a 3G MIG welding test. We employ AWS-certified welding inspectors (CWIs) who can observe the welder’s procedure and verify the quality of the completed weld.
Alternately called Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), the Metal Inert Gas (MIG) method fuses multiple workpieces through a wire-fed welding gun. A shielding gas, such as helium or carbon dioxide, protects the pool of molten liquid as it hardens. Welders may choose this welding method for a faster and more cost-efficient welding process during fabrication and repair projects for industries such as:
AWS Certification Testing
ATS gladly opens our facilities for weld certification testing. Many clients who request a test facility and observation are welders seeking certification or business leaders who need to verify the proficiency of potential hires.
On the day of the certification test, the welder should bring the necessary paperwork for the certification, along with a testing coupon. If the welder does not have a coupon, they can purchase one from ATS. At the ATS facility, the welder will have access to our welding equipment in a well-lit booth conducive to certification testing.
Weld Observations

ATS’ staff includes AWS-certified weld inspectors who can observe the weld certification test and recommend the welder for 3G certification. The CWI can check if the welder demonstrates basic proficiency in several areas even before laying a weld:

The MIG welding method requires firm control of the welding equipment and travel speed to produce a strong weld without undercutting. While the welder lays the 3G weld, the observer can check the welder’s positioning, angle, electrode consumption rate, and other indications of proficiency.

Our CWIs frequently observe testers who use other welding methods, such as:

Weld Quality Testing
After the certification test, a CWI from ATS can assess the weld quality in the same facility for convenient and quick analysis. Our experts regularly perform destructive testing and nondestructive inspection services that locate defects and discontinuities that would compromise a weld’s integrity in a manufacturing scenario. The tests also determine the weld’s tightness, strength, hardness, and porosity. To perform multiple analyses, an engineer can divide the weld into samples for a variety of tests, including:
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