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Applied Technical Services preforms weld test coupon testing and inspection in our labs, in the form of pipes and plates for companies who are getting their weld procedures qualified and welders certified. Performing weld test coupon inspections are perfect for pre-employment screening, ensuring welders can meet the requirements of specific codes/standards and for proper documentation or proof of a welder’s competency. Many companies and industries including contractors, manufacturers, educational institutions, utilities, oil and gas suppliers use our testing facility.

ATS has several options for testing and qualifying coupon specimens. The first option is to ship or drop off your welding coupon. Then, we will perform the requested tests on the specimen per the applicable codes. In our second option, ATS can get more involved in the welder certification process. Your company may choose to send welders to our testing facility. Our CWIs will monitor and observe all stages of the welding process. During observation, we watch for proper set-up and ensure recommended techniques are being followed that should deliver quality workmanship for the utilized weld process (SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW) to meet requested codes and standards. Then, we can test the final product to evaluate the quality of workmanship. ATS also keeps an in-house stock of most common weld test coupons required to take certification tests and can provide them to the welders at a reasonable cost if needed. Our final option is for our CWIs to perform weld inspections and provide assistance on proper welding techniques at your facility or work location.

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Applied Technical Services has a wide range of tests that can be performed on welding coupons, pipes or plates.

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