Spot Weld Testing

ATS has decades of spot weld testing experience, evaluating pipe and plate coupons through mechanical, nondestructive, and chemical means. We conduct tests according to AWI, ASME, MIL-STD, PED/EN, NAVSEA, API, and APS standards so we can fulfill all our clients’ specific needs. We also perform several spot weld testing methods, giving clients multiple options for attaining the results they need.

Spot welding is an essential joining method in the aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries. Vehicles may contain thousands of spot welds that experience stress and wear throughout their service. These welds must be durable to ensure the quality and safety of the vehicle. ATS can help examine and evaluate spot weld integrity to ensure that our clients can optimize their production quality. Spot welds also hold an important role in component repair, materials testing, and product development. If you need spot weld testing for any reason, ATS can help.
Mechanical Weld Tests
Our mechanical testing capabilities allow us to satisfy all our clients’ spot weld testing needs. Mechanical testing can assist in pre-production weld quality verification, as well as sample product testing. Macro examination assesses weld quality, identifying flaws such as porosity or lack of penetration. Shear testing determines the weld’s strength upon exposure to shear loads. ATS also offers several other mechanical weld tests, including:
Nondestructive Tests
ATS also performs nondestructive weld testing. Nondestructive testing (NDT) leaves the sample intact, saving costs on sample production. Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a form of NDT that can indicate complete fusion and spot weld size. UT does this by sending high-frequency sound waves through the sample and reading the returning echoes. Any discontinuities or flaws in the material will read back as abnormal echoes. Ultrasonic testing allows comprehensive documentation of the testing process. ATS also performs several other forms of NDT capable of looking beneath the surface of samples, such as radiography and magnetic particle testing.
Our Quality Services
ATS has decades of experience in testing and inspection services. Our dedication to customer service makes us leaders in our field. Our customer service team connects clients with relevant experts who can help solve their queries. We offer clear, detailed reporting within a short time frame. Our experts remain available to clients who have any additional questions regarding testing or data.
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