Inspector checking weld quality using an x-ray scan

Welder Qualification

Applied Technical Services performs welder qualification tests for numerous welding applications. As weld testing experts, we can reliably determine a welder’s level of skill and competence. Whether our clients need pre-employment screenings or documentation that a welder is qualified under applicable codes, we can ensure that a welder can meet the set requirements. ATS can conduct assessments for compliance with AWS, ASME, API, PED/EN, and AMS standards.
Our Testing Facility
ATS’ spacious weld testing facility is well-equipped and keeps an in-house stock of common test coupons required for certification tests. Our certified welding inspectors (CWIs) look for proper setup and techniques according to the requested code or standard. We assess a wide array of weld types, including fillet and groove welds. We can evaluate flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead pipe or plate positions. We also check open root welds and roots with backing bars. Our inspectors offer examinations for several types of welding processes, including:
Our testing facility offers qualification tests for a wide variety of industries, such as:
ATS also offers pipe welder qualification tests for power plant construction. We can handle all your qualification testing needs.
Our Testing and Inspection Capabilities
The weld testing experts at ATS use numerous methods to evaluate weld integrity. Our nondestructive weld testing methods include:
We also offer several mechanical testing procedures, such as:
These tests allow us to assess weld integrity with a high level of detail. We check for porosity, penetration, cracks, fusion, and slag inclusions, among other qualities. Utilizing our arsenal of testing methods, we can determine whether a weld coupon meets applicable requirements. We can perform mechanical and nondestructive tests for any weld coupon configuration.
Reliable Welder Qualification Testing
Applied Technical Services has been a leader in weld testing and qualification for decades. Our certified experts help clients determine whether their welders are qualified to perform at the necessary skill level for their needs. We deliver quick, clear, accurate reporting so clients can move forward making informed decisions.
If you need welder qualification testing, contact ATS today.

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