Weld Bend Testing

ATS specializes in weld bend testing and analysis. Our certified welding inspectors regularly perform laboratory and field assessments both nationally and internationally. Our experts also provide weld procedure qualification and welding certification services. We utilize a comprehensive array of testing methods to evaluate a welder’s competency, including weld bend testing.

Bend Testing
Bend testing is a qualitative method for assessing material soundness and ductility. The bend test uses a sample cut from a groove/butt-welded joint. Technicians typically cut the sample transverse to the welding direction. Samples with significantly different base and weld materials may instead be cut longitudinally along their length. Several types of bending fixtures are used to bend the samples up to 180°. Mandrel size will vary according to the testing specifications. This process plastically deforms the outside of the bend to reveal material embrittlement and defects. The sample can be bent in one of three ways:

The bend test can reveal cracking, inclusions, a lack of sidewall or root fusion, excessive undercut, a lack of penetration, or internal porosity. Tearing should also not exceed a specific limit, or the sample will not pass. The specifications will differ depending on material strength and ductility.

Technicians rely on this test in a variety of applications, including procedure qualifications, welder performance qualifications, and material qualifications. Bend testing ensures that not only are the weld and base materials properly fused, but also that the weld metal and HAZ exhibit the appropriate mechanical properties.
Weld Testing Experts

For more than 50 years, Applied Technical Services has offered high-quality testing and inspection services. Our weld bend testing expertise benefits various industries, including aerospace, power generation, commercial infrastructure, automotive, petrochemical, and manufacturing. We offer a wide range of destructive, nondestructive, and metallurgical weld testing and analysis methods, such as:

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