Fillet weld analysis

Fillet Weld Testing

Applied Technical Services offers numerous mechanical and nondestructive options for fillet weld testing. Our certified weld inspectors, professional engineers, metallurgists, chemists, and ASNT-TC-1A certified NDT technicians conduct high-quality tests in compliance with ASME, API, AWS, MIL-STD, and NAVSEA standards, depending on our client’s needs.

Mechanical Weld Testing

Our wide scope of mechanical weld tests assists clients in analyzing fillet welds for purposes ranging from welding procedure specification development to welder qualification. Our team inspects plate and pipe coupons through a variety of methods, including micro hardness testing, bend testing, load testing, and Charpy.

Break Testing
Fillet weld break testing, also known as fracture testing, examines one-sided joints for root penetration, discontinuities, and flaws. During a break test, inspectors load the unwelded side of the sample until the force breaks the weld or folds the metal flat upon itself. Break testing can expose internal issues along the entire weld, including porosity, incomplete penetration, cracking, lack of fusion, and slag inclusions.
Macro Examination
Fillet weld macro examination inspects weld quality by removing cross-sections from the sample. Inspectors polish and etch the segments, checking for lack of penetration, lack of sidewall fusion, porosity, poor weld profile, and other defects according to applicable standards. Our experts can verify whether the fillet weld’s internal structure is of sufficient quality.
Nondestructive Weld Testing
ATS can inspect fillet welds nondestructively both in our labs and in the field. We evaluate welds for numerous industries and structures, including bridges, pressure vessels, piping, valves, and configured components. Our professionals are certified through the American Welding Society to evaluate welds for flaws and discontinuities. We offer numerous NDT weld testing methods to identify surface and subsurface flaws, such as:
Additional Weld Tests
Applied Technical Services offers several chemical and metallurgical tests for fillet welds. We analyze weld quality in numerous capacities to fulfill our clients’ individual needs. Our capabilities include:
Our Testing Experts
ATS provides high-quality weld testing and analysis services to clients around the globe. We put our clients in contact with dedicated experts who can help with their specific inquiries. We deliver clear, accurate, precise data as quickly as possible, and our experts remain available to clients throughout the testing process for any additional questions.
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