Weld Notch Toughness Testing

Applied Technical Services’ mechanical testing conducts weld notch toughness testing to measure the impact toughness of welds. Weld toughness is an important attribute that helps prevent premature fractures and failures in welded materials.  

What is a Charpy V-notch Test?

The Charpy V-notch test, also known as the Charpy impact test, is a destructive test method where a pendulum strikes a notched specimen. The test measures the energy absorbed by the sample during fracture, determining the material’s toughness at various temperatures. Charpy V-notch tests have several advantages, including:

ATS technicians conduct Charpy V-notch tests to help manufacturers evaluate a material’s ability to perform as expected in stressful conditions. Our tests provide information on the following factors.

Failure to evaluate weld toughness could lead to safety hazards for staff and consumers, costly repairs, premature failure, and poor-quality products. Manufacturers rely on trustworthy weld testing labs to conduct mechanical tests that accurately emulate the service conditions of materials.

Applied Technical Services' Mechanical Testing Lab

Our mechanical testing services evaluate how materials react to stressful conditions, which helps manufacturers with material selection, quality control, and safety regulation compliance. We offer numerous mechanical testing services, including:

Our mechanical testing services benefit multiple industries, including:

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