Infrared Thermography Inspection

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) evaluates the health of industrial equipment and structures through our infrared thermography inspection services. Our predictive maintenance and inspection services help our clients extend the life of their equipment, sustaining their operation’s efficiency.

What are Thermographic Inspections?
Thermographic inspections use infrared thermography imaging through specialized cameras to identify temperature changes in equipment and components. The thermal waves detected during infrared thermography inspections are undetectable to the human eye, and they gather important information that can aid in preventative maintenance processes.
Our Infrared Thermography Inspection Services
Our highly trained infrared thermography experts perform surveys that evaluate equipment for signs of connection issues, misbalancing, and overloading. Our inspections locate preexisting and potential areas of concern, allowing us to recommend courses of action that can address the concerns and limit the likelihood of further issues. We offer a variety of infrared thermography services that aid in the inspections of instruments and structures by highlighting the following issues:
Why are Infrared Thermography Inspections Important?
Infrared thermography inspections are an invaluable predictive maintenance tool for mechanical equipment, electrical systems, and buildings and structures. Inspections are an effective way to identify potential hazards before they expand into more complex and worrisome situations. Failure to use preventative maintenance measures such as infrared thermography inspections, may result in the following consequences:
About the ATS Family of Companies
The ATS Family of Companies is a nationwide network of labs and businesses that assist commercial businesses as they develop, improve, and evaluate their products and services. Our highly trained experts and professionals have decades of collective experience in engineering and various sciences, which is used to provide well-rounded services that aid in a variety of applications. Please consider the ATS FoC for your infrared thermography inspection needs and fill out an online request or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to speak with an ATS representative.

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