Infrared Thermography Inspection Services

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers infrared thermography inspection services to help clients by identifying issues and faults in a variety of systems and structures.
Nondestructive Infrared Thermography Inspection Services
Infrared thermography is a nondestructive inspection technique that captures thermal images with infrared cameras to reveal temperature variations that can indicate underlying problems. As objects emit infrared radiation relative to their temperature, infrared thermography allows the detection of different thermal patterns that may signify defects or inefficiencies.
Infrared Thermography Applications
Infrared thermography inspections are commonly used in building inspections, helping inspectors to identify areas of heat loss or air leakage in areas of a structure that would otherwise require removal of drywall or other building materials. By detecting insulation deficiencies or moisture ingress, infrared thermography helps identify and ultimately prevent energy waste and potential structural damage. Infrared thermography inspection services can also reveal hidden plumbing or electrical issues before they escalate, ensuring the safety and integrity of a building and helping to minimize repair and construction costs.
Infrared thermography inspections are also frequently used in predictive maintenance. By regularly scanning equipment like motors, electrical panels, and pipelines, inspectors can identify overheating components indicative of impending failure. This preventative method helps to minimize downtime, prevent costly repairs, and enhance the overall operational reliability of equipment and systems. Thermography is also a useful tool for verifying effectiveness of repairs or upgrades, ensuring that these actions have been successful.
Due to its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and reliability, infrared thermography has additional applications in electrical testing, mechanical testing, and even the medical field. In addition to our infrared thermography inspection services, the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers comprehensive thermography training in our facility, online, and at client facilities to prepare candidates for new and advanced roles in their field.
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies
With nearly six decades of experience serving as the nation’s premier choice for industrial testing, analysis, and training services, the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies is proud to be the preferred infrared thermography inspection services provider for some of the most trusted organizations and businesses in the United States. Give us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227 for more information or a free quote.

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