Floor Vibration Analysis

Floor Vibration Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) performs floor vibration testing to evaluate how vibration affects the performance of vibration-sensitive equipment. While an instrument’s sensitivity to vibration will depend on its design and application, vibrations from everyday activities around a facility or lab can compromise a machine’s performance and accuracy. Fortunately, the ATS FoC’s state-of-the-art facilities have the equipment needed to test our clients’ equipment in accordance with their unique specifications as well as industry standards.

What is Floor Vibration Testing?
Floor vibration testing is the process of examining how flooring responds to vibrational frequencies. During the testing process, technicians use a vibration meter to measure the amplitudes and frequencies of vibrations in locations where vibration-sensitive equipment will be operated. The information gathered during the testing process is later compared to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the vibrational frequencies that the instrument can tolerate without complications.
Our Floor Vibration Testing
Our floor vibration tests measure the ambient vibrations found in environments where vibration-sensitive equipment is located. Upon completion of our testing, our clients will receive a detailed report, noting whether certain equipment will require vibration control. Our experts offer solutions and steps our clients can take to ensure that their equipment functions as intended in situations where excessive vibrations may be present.
Why is Floor Vibration Testing Important?
Floor vibration tests are needed to protect equipment from vibrations that can damage the equipment itself or negatively impact its performance. Our tests are an effective way for businesses to minimize the following:
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