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Applied Technical Services offers thermography training courses online to prepare individuals for new and advanced roles in infrared thermography in a convenient and accessible format.
Online Infrared Thermography Training
Online thermography training offers a flexible and convenient approach for individuals looking to attain their infrared thermography certification without the constraints of traditional classroom settings. Virtual thermography training programs provide comprehensive instruction in thermography principles, equipment operation, data interpretation, and practical applications through virtual learning platforms. As hands-on experience with thermal imaging equipment is important part of online thermography training, our programs offer virtual simulations and remote access to infrared cameras to allow participants to practice operating equipment and capturing thermal images in simulated environments. Practical exercises reinforce theoretical knowledge and help participants develop useful skills in conducting thermal inspections.
Data interpretation skills are heavily emphasized in our online thermography programs to ensure that participants can analyze thermal images accurately and effectively identify potential issues such as heat loss, moisture intrusion, electrical anomalies, and mechanical failures. Training materials include software tutorials for image analysis and reporting that guide participants through processing and document thermal data. ATS’ remote thermography classes explore safety protocols and procedures such as electrical safety, PPE requirements, and the best practices for safely conducting inspections to educate candidates on potential hazards associated with thermal imaging inspections. Understanding and following safety protocols is essential to minimizing the risks associated with infrared thermography.
The ATS Family of Companies offers Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and specialized thermography training online at regularly scheduled intervals to meet the needs of our clients located around the world. We also offer live thermography training courses virtually, where our instructors guide participants through theoretical concepts, practical techniques, and real-world case studies using engaging teaching methods for those looking for a more interactive experience. The ATS Family of Companies’ infrared thermography course instructors have hundreds of years of combined experience and unparalleled experience in the industry.
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