ASTM D7617 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D7617 testing services to determine the shear strength of reinforced polymer matrix composite rods and bars.

What is Shear Strength, and Why is Shear Strength Testing Important?
Shear stress occurs when a material undergoes stress from an external force, leading to deformation. Shear strength refers to a material’s ability to resist forces that cause structural failure within the material. Manufacturers rely on shear strength testing to determine if a product or material can function under stress associated with its application. If the acting horizontal or vertical force acting on an object is greater than the object’s shear strength, the object may experience shear failure. Shear strength assists in material selection, research and development, and quality control.
ASTM D7617 Explained
The ASTM D7617 procedure applies to bars and rods with large diameters and helps manufacturers specify a material’s application. When conducting the test, technicians measure the fiber-reinforced polymer rod before placing it on a double-shear fixture. Technicians then put the specimen on a universal testing machine and apply force, causing failure. The results provide information on the failure force and the material’s stiffness.
ASTM D7617 Explained
ASTM, or The American Society for Testing and Materials, is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization seeking to improve product quality, standardization, and safety to benefit consumers, users, and producers. With over 30,000 members across 125 countries, ASTM develops widely adopted standards and procedures synonymous with quality. ASTM standards help to improve the following:
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