ASTM D732 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D732 testing to determine the shear strength of common composite materials such as sheets, molded shapes, and plates.
Why is Shear Strength Important?
The term shear strength refers to a material’s resistance to forces that cause the material’s interior structure to shift, often resulting in failure. Shear strength data offers essential insight into a material’s ability to perform to the desired standard under specific conditions. Shear strength is significant for materials subjected to crushing loads in their intended applications.
About the ASTM D732 Testing Procedure
During the procedure, technicians attach the sample to a punch between two metal fixtures. Next, a testing machine causes the punch to puncture the specimen, leading to shear along the hole’s edge. Technicians then determine the shear strength of a sample by dividing the max shearing load by the sheared edge’s total area. ASTM D732 has several advantages, including:
More About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities

The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, develops standards of product testing and development designed to improve product safety, quality, and sustainability. Our accredited chemical, environmental, mechanical, and metallurgical labs offer numerous ASTM testing services, including:

Our employees work closely with clients to develop testing procedures that adequately address their needs. We recognize that our clients are the reason for our success, so we prioritize the prompt delivery of competitively priced and professional services to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our experienced team of experts conduct testing and analysis services that benefit the following industries:
About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services is an ISO 9001-certified management system that delivers positive experiences to our clients. Our mission is to provide professional inspection, testing, and inspection services using innovative technology and the decades of experienced shared by our staff. Please submit a web request form for additional information about our ASTM testing services.

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