ASTM C273 Testing

Applied Technical Services provides ASTM C273 testing services that determine the shear properties of construction materials with sandwich cores.
What are Sandwich Cores, and Why are They Important?
A sandwich core is a composite building material consisting of an inner insulation core sandwiched between two outer layers. The outer layers, often referred to as skin materials, can be a variety of materials, but polymers, metals, ceramics, and wood are among the most common. Core materials exist in many configurations, including polymers, metals, wood, and honeycomb structures. Together, the skin and core materials form lightweight composites with high strength-to-weight ratios, making them a popular choice for several industries, including the following:
Manufacturers consider several material properties when selecting the ideal core material, including the following attributes:
About the ASTM C273 Test Procedure
During the procedure, technicians place the sample on a Universal Test Machine before pushing or pulling the bonded loading plates in compression or tension for 3 to 6 minutes. The applied load causes the specimen to experience shear, allowing technicians to collect data on the material’s ultimate core shear strength, core shear modulus, shear strain, and failure type. The test procedure assists in multiple processes, including the following:
ASTM Explained
The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, is an internationally recognized agency with over 30,000 volunteers in over 100 partner countries. In total, ASTM has over 12,000 adopted standards in circulation today, and each standard aims to increase the uniformity, safety, and quality of products and services in its intended industry. ASTM-compliant services represent a business’s willingness to invest in the highest quality to benefit its clients, staff, and brand.
More About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities
In addition to ASTM C273 testing, Applied Technical Services also offers numerous other ASTM-compliant testing and analysis services. Our A2LA-accredited facilities provide chemical analysis and environmental, mechanical, and metallurgical testing services in compliance with ASTM standards. Please submit an online request form submit your ASTM C2373 testing request today!

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