ASTM D3039 Testing

Applied Technical Services provides ASTM D3039 testing services that evaluate the tensile properties of composite materials. Composites are known for their high strength-to-weight ratios and are immensely popular in various industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and construction.

What are Composites?
A composite material consists of two materials with different chemical and physical properties. Once combined, these two materials enhance the performance of a material, improving the material’s strength, resistance to electricity, and suitability for the desired application. Common types of composites include:
The ASTM D3039 Testing Procedure Explained

ASTM, or The American Society for Testing and Materials, developed the ASTM D3039 testing standard to outline the test procedure for testing the tensile properties of composites. During the procedure, technicians place the samples in the Universal Test Machine’s grips at a previously established grip separation. The test speed is between 1 to 10 minutes, depending upon the time of failure or material specification. The results of the procedure provide information on the following:

More About Our ASTM Testing and Analysis Capabilities
Our highly trained professionals use their decades of collective experience to provide ASTM-compliant services. We house several A2LA-accredited labs, each stocked with the state-of-art equipment needed to fulfill the requests of clients while also adhering to common industry standards and regulations. We offer numerous in-lab and on-site chemical analysis and mechanical, metallurgical, and environmental testing services.
About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services provides consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to clients in various industries. Founded in 1967, ATS has continued to expand into international markets thanks to our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients at a competitive price. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we abide by the following core values:

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