ASTM D1002 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D1002 testing to determine the shear strength of bonded metal specimens. Metal adhesives bond components and materials, so it’s essential to test the adhesive’s quality, ensuring that the bond is adequate for the intended application. 

What is ASTM D1002?

ASTM D1002 is a testing standard for bonded metals tested on a single lap joint specimen developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials. During the test, technicians’ bond two metal plates together using adhesives and cut the plates to the specifications of the procedure. Next, the technicians apply force to each end of the specimen, causing the bond to fail. The results of the test procedure provide information on the following:

ASTM D1002 measures the adhesive bond on common metal substrates, including:

Applied Technical Services’ Mechanical Testing Services

Our mechanical testing lab provides material qualification and failure analysis services promptly and at a competitive price. Our highly trained staff has access to advanced technology capable of fulfilling the specific needs of our clients. We offer an extensive list of mechanical testing services, including: 

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Applied Technical Services provides professional inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to clients in various industries. Throughout our 55-year history, we have maintained our core principles of:

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