ASTM D2344 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D2344 testing services to determine the interlaminar shear strength of high-modulus fiber-reinforced composites and plastics.

What is Shear Strength?
Shear strength refers to a material’s ability to resist the deformation associated with internal shifts within a material. Shear failure occurs when forces cause the materials to shift in a direction parallel to the acting force. Shear strength testing provides essential insight into a material’s ability to endure conditions associated with specific tasks.
About the ASTM D2344 Test Procedure
To prep for the procedure, technicians measure the width and thickness of the test method before the conditioning process begins. Technicians then position the specimen onto a horizontal shear testing fixture so the fibers are parallel to the loading nose with a diameter of 6.35 mm. The loading nose applies force to the sample, flexing the specimen at a speed of .05 inches per minute. The results of the ASTM D2344 test procedure help with the following:
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