ASTM D523 Testing

Applied Technical Services’ ASTM D523 testing services measure the specular gloss of nonmetallic specimens. Specular gloss is an optical property that refers to a surface’s ability to reflect light. Consumers often heavily consider a product’s visual appearance before making purchases, so manufacturers use gloss measurements to evaluate the optical quality of their products.
What Is ASTM D523?
ASTM D523 is a standard test method for determining a sample’s specular gloss. During the procedure, experts apply a calibrated gloss meter to a material at a specified angle of reflection to measure the surface’s ability to reflect light. Experts often take measurements on large, homogenous, flat, and clean surfaces with multiple data points to produce consistent results, but using a small surface is also acceptable.
Why are ASTM Testing Standards Important?
The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, develops internationally recognized voluntary consensus standards that improve the quality, safety, and standardization of products and product development. Professionals in various industries rely on ASTM standards to ensure that their practices adhere to the uniform standard of ASTM protocols. Government agencies often cite ASTM standards in codes, laws, and regulations because ASTM safety standards ensure the use of high-quality materials and professional practices.
About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities
Applied Technical Services houses multiple A2LA-accredited labs capable of conducting ASTM-compliant testing and analysis services. Our experienced professionals use our state-of-the-art facilities to provide the following:
Our ASTM services benefit numerous industries, including the following:
Our Commitment to Quality

Applied Technical Services provides quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to clients worldwide. Since our founding in 1967, we have expanded from a local business to a globally respected operation. As an ISO 9001-certified qualified management system, we remain committed to the improvement and expansion of our services for the benefit of our clients. We address the needs of our clients by providing the following:

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