ASTM D2244 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D244 testing to evaluate the differences in color between color coordinates. Our color analysis specialists carefully examine samples to ensure that the color values are consistent with our client’s expectations. We evaluate differences in color in samples made of multiple materials and samples with shifts in color caused by outdoor elements and conditions.

ASTM D2244 Testing Explained

The ASTM D2244 test method is the standard practice of determining color tolerances and differences within a sample. During the procedure, experts use a colorimetric spectrometer to evaluate the difference in color between the sample and a reference. The spectrometer expresses the color value on the L, a, b, x, y, and z scales. Each letter represents a different scale and provides a precise evaluation of the sample’s color. This application is applicable to various materials including painted panels, plastics, and textiles and is often conducted in conjunction with accelerated aging tests involving cyclic, UV, xenon, and cyclic corrosion exposure.

What are ASTM Standards, and Why are They Important?
The American Society for Testing and Materials develops internationally recognized testing standards to improve the safety, quality, and standardization of products and product development. ASTM standards are a common choice amongst manufacturers, companies, and individuals in various industries due to their widespread acceptance and uniformity. Regulatory agencies often cite ASTM standards in their codes, laws, and regulations because of their global recognition and relevancy across various industries, including:
About Our ASTM Testing Services

Our A2LA accredited ASTM testing labs offer numerous testing and analysis services that comply with ASTM standards. Our lab professionals use their decades of collective experience in various disciplines to conduct chemical analysis and environmental, mechanical, and metallurgical testing services. We offer an extensive list of ASTM-compliant services, including:

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