ASTM A370 Testing

Applied Technical Services’ engineers measure the tensile strength of steel products in compliance with ASTM A370 testing standards.
ASTM A370 Testing Explained
The ASTM A370 testing standard outlines the procedure needed to evaluate the ductility and strength of steel materials. To begin the process, technicians measure the sample’s dimensions and note the material’s smallest cross-sectional area before placing gage marks throughout the material at a predetermined gage length. This information will later provide information on the material’s percent elongation at the point of failure. ASTM A370 provides measurements for:
The testing procedure also outlines test methods for the following:
The ASTM A370 testing standard is helpful in several applications, including automotive manufacturing, construction, and other industries where a material’s tensile strength is paramount to its safety and success.
More About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities
In addition to ASTM A370 testing, we offer dozens of other ASTM-compliant testing services for the convenience of our clients. We specialize in chemical analysis and metallurgical, mechanical, and environmental testing, and we offer the following services:
Metallurgical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Environmental Testing

Our Commitment to Quality
Applied Technical Services is an ISO-certified quality management system that specializes in consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services. We uphold internationally recognized quality standards to ensure that our clients receive services that address their needs promptly and professionally. Our experienced staff utilizes our state-of-the-art chemical, mechanical, and electrical testing facilities and offers an extensive and ever-growing list of services and certifications that benefit numerous industrial sectors. We meet our customer’s needs by providing the following:
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