Gravelometer Testing

ASTM D3170 Testing

Applied Technical Services’ technicians use a gravelometer in compliance with ASTM D1370 testing standards to evaluate the chip resistance of various coatings. 

What is a Gravelometer, and Why is Gravelometer Testing Important?
A gravelometer is an instrument that measures a surface’s resistance to damage caused by flying dirt, debris, and gravel. Gravelometers produce a controlled amount of impact, simulating the conditions of damaging debris seen on roadways and similar conditions. Manufacturers use gravelometer testing to ensure that their automotive components perform as expected and meet the necessary regulations, standards, and specifications.
ASTM D3170 Testing Explained
During the procedure, technicians mount the sample in the back of the gravelometer, where air pressure propels approximately one pint or 300 pieces of gravel at the sample. Technicians then remove the specimen before cleaning it to prepare it for analysis. Next, technicians apply tape to the entire test area to remove any loose coating fragments before comparing the coating’s appearance to the corresponding chipping ratings.
The chipping ratings consist of number-letter combinations that communicate different chip sizes and specify the number of chips. Letters represent the chip sizes, and numbers represent the number of chips for each size. A scale of 0 to 10 illustrates the various quantities of chipping ratings, and a scale of A to D represents the different size categories for chipping ratings.
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