ASTM D4060 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D4060 testing to determine the abrasion resistance of organic coatings.
What is Abrasion Resistance, and Why is it Important?
Abrasion resistance refers to a material’s ability to withstand the wear and tear associated with friction, rubbing, and scraping. While some materials are naturally abrasion-resistant, others require coatings and lubricants to increase their resistant properties. Abrasion-resistant properties help to preserve materials that endure mechanical erosion throughout their service life.
ASTM D4060 Testing Explained

ASTM D4060 is a taber abrasion test that evaluates a plastic’s resistance to
abrasion. During the procedure, experts place the test specimen on an abrasion
tester before placing a 250, 500, or 1000-gram load on the abrader wheel.
Experts then spin the wheel for a specified number of revolutions until the
taber wheel wears through the material’s substrate. Once complete, technicians determine the material’s abrasion resistance by comparing the material’s original mass to its mass following the procedure. 

What are ASTM Standards, and Why are They Important?

The American Society for Testing and Materials is a global organization that develops and publishes internationally recognized testing standards and practices. ASTM standards improve the following:

ASTM-compliant materials and services undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability, so consumers and manufacturers have high standards for ASTM-labeled products and services. Government agencies often adopt ASTM standards when developing codes, laws, and regulations because of ASTM’s superior reputation of reliability.
About Our ASTM Testing Lab
Applied Technical Services offers an extensive list of ASTM-compliant testing and analysis services that benefit clients in various industries. Our A2LA-accredited facilities provide clients with competitively priced services that meet their demands while also adhering to common industry standards and regulations. Our ASTM testing labs specialize in the following:
Chemical Analysis
Environmental Testing

Mechanical Testing

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