ASTM E111 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM E111 testing services to determine the chord modulus, tangent modulus, and Young’s Modulus of structural materials.
Modulus of Elasticity Explained

Modulus of elasticity, or modulus, refers to a material’s elasticity or resistance to non-permanent deformation. While experiencing stress, materials will display elastic properties that allow them to regain their original form following the removal of the stress. However, once a material surpasses its yield point, it will succumb to the force and exhibit permanent deformation.

Chord Modulus
Chord modulus refers to a material’s elastic limit or the maximum amount of stress it can endure without permanent strain.

Tangent Modulus

Tangent modulus refers to the slope of the stress-strain curve at a specified stress or strain.

Young’s Modulus

Young’s Modulus uses the ratio of tensile stress to tensile strain to evaluate how easily a material can stretch.
ASTM E111 Explained
The ASTM E111 testing standard allows manufacturers to evaluate a material’s suitability for a specific application. During the procedure, technicians apply force to the specimen using a universal testing machine at predetermined temperatures and speeds. The results of the procedure provide information on the following:

The information gathered throughout this procedure offers essential insight into a material’s quality and overall ability to perform specific tasks under specific conditions.

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Applied Technical Services offers high-quality consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services to businesses worldwide. Once a local operation in our founder’s basement, we have continued to grow our operation by expanding our ever-growing lists of certifications and services. We offer numerous ASTM-compliant testing and analysis services that benefit the following industries:

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