The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies performs hardness testing for rubber, thermoplastics, and other elastic materials in adherence with ASTM D785 testing standards.

ASTM D785 Hardness Testing
ATS’ mechanical testing experts apply decades of experience to ensure exceptional service quality on all hardness testing services. Hardness testing thermoplastics and rubber consists of preparing the test sample, subjecting the sample to controlled, predetermined levels of force with a hardness tester or durometer, measuring the depth of the indentation, calculating the hardness with scales, and providing clients with an in-depth report detailing every step of the process. ASTM D785 ensures reliable, consistent, repeatable results that precisely identify material hardness to assess the subject’s viability for its intended use.
Mechanical Testing at ATS
The Applied Technical Services mechanical testing laboratory houses highly advanced equipment and technologies that are operated by industry-leading experts. With an excellent reputation as one of the country’s leading testing, inspection, certification, and compliance providers for several decades, ATS is known for taking a closer look. Our dedicated hardness testing specialists stay current on all relevant standards and specifications to ensure our clients receive the expedient, high-quality service they expect from us. ATS is ISO 17025 accredited in mechanical testing by the A2LA and adheres to ISO 9001 quality management system standards. Beyond our hardness testing capabilities, ATS’ mechanical testing department offers an expansive list of services that includes:
ASTM Testing at ATS
We offer a wide range of testing services across a variety of disciplines performed according to ASTM standards. Some of our most commonly requested ASTM testing services include:
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies
With over five decades of experience serving as an industry leader, the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies employs chemists, engineers, and technicians operating at the forefront of their disciplines. Our service network of testing facilities and laboratories spans the United States to provide clients with reliable services at convenient locations. Contact our customer service team today by calling 1 (888) 287-5227 or by submitting a request form on this page for additional information on ASTM D785 testing services.

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