The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies performs copper coating testing in accordance with the ASTM B368 testing standard.
Electrodeposited Copper Coating Testing
Electrodeposited copper coatings are commonly used in the manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries to ensure precise and consistent copper coating thickness. Electroplated parts and components are prone to corrosion and require comprehensive testing to verify environmental resistance. ASTM B368 testing details the necessary conditions for both copper-accelerated acetic acid-salt spray (CASS) testing and the corrosive performance of decorative chromium, nickel, and copper or chromium and nickel coatings on plastics, aluminum alloys, anodized aluminum, zinc alloys, and steel.
ASTM B368 Testing Methods
There are several steps to the ASTM B368 testing process, all of which require a comprehensive knowledge of ASTM International testing standards. Applied Technical Services’ expert chemists and coating testing technicians perform meticulous analysis on electroplated subjects and electrodeposited copper coatings to ensure safety, resilience, proper functionality, and regulatory compliance.
The process starts with sample preparation. Our testing experts thoroughly clean and prepare a test subject to eliminate any residues or contaminants that could impact test accuracy. The subject is then electroplated with copper through electrolyte solution substrate immersion. Once the sample is electroplated, it is then cut to the size specified by ASTM B368. Cross-sections are prepared and measurements are taken using scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, and additional measurement methods. The data yielded by these processes is compiled and analyzed by our experts before a thorough report is created and provided to our client.
Additional ASTM Testing Methods
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers an expansive list of testing and analysis services performed in adherence with ASTM International standards in our accredited ASTM testing laboratories, including but not limited to:
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies
With over 55 years of industry experience, an impressive list of certifications and accreditations, a frequently expanding nationwide service network of laboratories and testing facilities, and industry leading chemists, technicians, and engineers, the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies is committed to providing clients with unparalleled service quality and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with our customer service team today by calling 1 (888) 287-5227 or via the request form on this page for additional information on ASTM B368 testing services.

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