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The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) evaluates the fracture toughness of materials in compliance with ASTM E1820 testing standards. Manufacturers must consider the material’s resistance to catastrophic failure and crack propagation design metal-based materials. Our ASM E1820-compliant services are an effective way for our clients to learn more about their metallic product’s fracture toughness.

What is ASTM E1820?
ASTM International developed ASTM E1820 as an effective way to measure fracture toughness. The information gathered from ASTM E1820 helps to analyze a material’s structural flaw tolerance, which is important for material selection.
About Our ASTM E1820 Testing Services
During the testing procedure, our experts slowly apply a load to a cracked specimen while monitoring the presence of the crack and the distance it has extended. Once we complete the mechanical test, we break apart the specimen to measure the exact length and shape of the crack. Upon the completion of the ASTM E1820, we provide crucial information regarding the following:

Stress Intensity Factor (K)

K represents the stress intensity near a crack’s tip, and it’s caused by residual stresses.

J (J-integral)

J-integral calculates the amount of stress energy required for a crack to grow.

CTOD (Crack Tip Opening Displacement)

Crack-tip opening displacement determines a material’s resistance to ductile fracture.
Why is Fracture Toughness Testing Important?

Crack propagation and fractures can be incredibly dangerous, compromising the effectiveness and safety of materials. Fracture toughness tests allow manufacturers to examine the behavior of their materials, helping them determine important information that may be useful in the following applications:

Our Commitment to Quality
The Applied Technical Services FoC serves industrial businesses across the United States, offering competitive prices for professional services. Our well-equipped A2LA accredited labs feature cutting-edge technology capable of completing the complex testing and analysis services that our clients need to meet their deadlines and objectives. Our policies emphasize professionalism and high-quality services, so our clients can expect the following:

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